UniLend is a comprehensive permissionless DeFi protocol. Whereas other DeFi protocols support only a limited number of assets, anyone can list any asset on UniLend’s supported blockchains (currently Ethereum and Polygon) to access comprehensive DeFi functionality for those assets. This includes decentralized trading, lending/borrowing, and the industry’s most cost-effective flash loans. In addition to cryptocurrencies, UniLend will also support various synthetic real-world assets and derivatives (including the major FAANG stocks and precious metals such as gold and silver). Through our comprehensive DeFi functionality, permissionless listing mechanism, and partnerships with major blockchain innovators, we’re unlocking the full potential of decentralised finance at a level never before seen in the industry. These docs will provide a comprehensive overview of the UniLend protocol and its functionality. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us in our Telegram community.
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